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QR Code #Fail

As of late, I’ve taken a keen interest in QR codes.  They are the little black and white matrix cubes that have started to appear on ads around the world in the last year, typically in the bottom right or left corner. These QR codes provide consumers with extended information on a product or fancier things like a coupon or incentive when scanned with your mobile phone with the appropriate scanner app.

I think they can be a great addition to a campaign if used with properly and also give your brand the extra edge. But in the last couple weeks, I’ve started to see them misused in too many places.  QR code enhanced ads are being placed in trains and planes and other places that don’t provide Wi-Fi or access to the internet. Wait a minute.. Don’t you need this in order to benefit from scanning a QR code?

Oops! An innocent mistake.. overlooked by all ad parties involved. Here’s a few fun examples..

The next time you’re on the subway or on an airplane, take a look at the ads and you’re likely to spot a few that incorporate the little black and white QR code. You may as well connect the dots with a marker in hand… cause that’s all they’re good for in areas without wi-fi.

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