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f8 fallout – what’s the deal with the new Facebook?

So you may have noticed that the Social Media community is up in arms lately around all of the changes Facebook has been making to their platform. Well I’ve got news for you, folks. There’s more coming. And it’s going to change the way we use Facebook, big time.

First up – Timeline. A complete overhaul of your Personal Profile, formatted as a scrapbook of your life on Facebook. Starting all the way from your birth date to now, Timeline will highlight everything you’ve done on the platform since you started using it. No longer will your Profile be stalked once by new friends and then forgotten, there’s enough content and visual appeal here to keep people coming back for more.

Check it out:

Last, but certainly not least is the Open Graph. In other words, the evolution of apps to become more social and lifestyle focused in general. Moving away from just game apps like Farmville and expanding into media social sharing via Netflix and Spotify.

It’s going to be a few months before we start to see these major changes but despite all of the grumbling, I think that Facebook is taking a huge step in the right direction when it comes to true social networking.

From a marketing perspective, it remains to be seen how these new changes will affect brands. One immediate observation is that as the users gain more control, brands will have to work much harder when it comes to content, which let’s be honest, is not such a bad thing. The power of the “like” becomes slightly downgraded while engagement & content take the front seat. It will be interesting to see how brands handle this shift in the coming months.

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