Thoughts about media in Canada

Brand position or brand story?

Say or Do; which is more important to a brand? For years it’s been about Saying what the brand is about. Find a unique position, claim it and defend it, create short 30 second content, expose and repeat. How much of this overall marketing strategy has been driven by the media constraint of 30 seconds? If media is able to open the door to longer formats does this mean abandoning the simple Say approach and letting brands show what they Do? Typically the content of a Do approach is through PR by trying to get positive editorial around the brand. But again, if we are heading towards telling consumers what the brand Does in paid media, then the creative output is going to look a lot more like PR creative than a simple position.

Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities talked about this and more at last week’s ACA Focus on Digital Marketing. Throw away the existing marketing plan was the title of his talk which included a thought about moving towards brand experiences and away from position. Sean Moffit of Agent Wildfire was along the same lines explaining that it is no longer about the 4Ps of marketing and now it is about the 13 E’s of marketing (which I noticed there is a lot of creative license taken with words that start with E). See page 51 for the pyramid.

But what does this mean for media?
The answer as usual is fairly simple but hard to execute. Use media that can support a longer format, measure on engagement, SEO is critical, use SEM so people can find your fabulous brand story and of course enable and monitor social media linkages so people can share. And a further question; does reach and frequency have any need for this type of message?

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