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Apple Android and television

I am reading Steve Job’s biography with the promise that once I finish I will unbox my Apple iPhone 4s. The book is an incredible must read.  At the same time it has me wondering what are those folks at Apple cooking up next? I have read some rumours that they are working on an integrated television that will synch up with iTunes and all the content you have bought that is stored in the cloud.  Well if all your content is going to be in the cloud then how long will it be before there is some device that synchs your car to the cloud? iTunes everywhere which takes us even further to a far more interesting and grounded question – what’s happening to all that data about what you are watching and listening to? Who owns that? I can tell you someone who doesn’t own it – Nielsen (or BBM for that matter) and that’s important. The measurement companies somehow ended up in the hardware business by trying to deploy personal people meters to gather the all important information about what people what and listen to. But they are not a hardware company and number of their devices in market is a piddling amount relative to the number of iPads, iPhones and Android screen out there. Then add future televisions with Apple or Android guts and the true picture of who the data kings will be becomes obvious.

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