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IAB US pushes measurement towards greater accountability

Execs working in media other than online should spend a bit of time looking at “Making measurement makes sense” initiative with the IAB in the US.

The online media industry continues to innovate towards realizing media ideals, other media channels should use this time to re-evaluate their offerings and re-fit their currencies and measures. When the principles of online media is ad impressions that viewed by the target audience; and the impressions are counted on a one by one basis through an ad server that is a large difference against other media that uses a panel to measure basic exposure. Compound the use of the panel with television’s use of average minute audience for the show + the commercials and you can easily understand that television currency has a considerable amount of error in it.

#5 of the items the IAB US is pushing is that online media become more comparable and integrated with other media. Absolutely, however before other media execs interpret that as a call for online media to adopt a GRP model to match television, they should be asking themselves how television measurement needs to evolve to a viewed targeted ad impression basis from which to calculate those GRPs and also figure out how to include TRPs while they are at it.

In the US, television moved from average minute audience to commercial mintues which is an improvement in accuracy but again the technology exists in theory to go much further. Look to the systems that measure DRTV.

The media marketplace is highly competitive for marketer’s dollars and products that espouse ideals like the IAB US model will continue to attract more and more dollars. By aiming to reduce measurement errors in the calculations of ad audience reach, frequency and duration of ad exposure, the IAB US is pushing the development of a marketing ecosystem that is much better for all media than the one that exists now.

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