Thoughts about media in Canada

Apple TV installed at home.

I was one of the millions of Canadians that joined the consumer electronic madness for boxing day, which actually started at 8pm Christmas Eve. We now have a few new devices that are signs of our IP fuelled media household. First up was a new receiver that picks up a plethora of internet radio, none of which will be used. Hey I bought the thing for more watts per channel and a bunch of HDMI inputs. The main thing was to hook this up to Apple TV. Now I have 5 video inputs, Wii, DVD, VCR, Broadcast and iTunes all being properly upsampled to 1080p where necessary.I always thought Blueray was a dead end cash grab.

AppleTV is really nice.The interface is great, it set up in an instant and the whole end to end ecosystem for renting, buying already existed. The problem is choice – too much. It is impossible to get 5 people to agree on any one thing so rather than standing in the video store perplexed, we sat in the basement going through preview after preview and then over to Youtube. Future predictions on how this will impact our media habits? Even less broadcast tv, more gaming and more time spent in the DVD/VCR bargain bins (upsampling works really well) and a higher iTunes bill every month.

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