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Re-Targeting, Mobile Edition

In an App-centric mobile world it is hard for branded apps to make it onto phones. And achieving a download is only the first step in an uphill battle for brands that consists of an average app shelf life of 6 month, an average of 28 apps on an iPhone to compete against and the challenge of providing worthwhile content for return visits. Up until last week it was up to the brands to make sure their App was good enough to encourage revisits before it was sent sailing into the market. Now, Millennium Media has released a new mobile targeting tool for brands. Basically app re-targeting, a mobile banner can be served to users who have previously downloaded a specific app. Once this banner is tapped, it can deep dive into that app, a feature that has previously not been offered. Not only is the app re-targeting new, so is linking into apps. Previously apps have been one way gates capable of only driving traffic out.

There are definitely additional uses for this type of targeting. With Apps being extremely specified in their function, a very clear picture could be painted of a user’s interest and behavioral profile. For example, if you’ve downloaded a Frommer’s France Guidebook and Paris Subway Map, you’re prime for an Air France ad.

Check out the full article at:

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