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Testing the strength of your targeting: the missing link

You know what we, in the industry, way too often forget to measure? The baseline… “no targeting”

Put it this way: Imagine a running shoe client wants to target a specific type of person. So you build your digital plan and come up with a few targeting segments, for instance

1. Behavioral targeting based on outdoor interest

2. Adults 18-34

3. Contextual “active sports” environments

You use a Rich Media unit and decide to measure the success of the campaign based on time engaged within the creative.

(Assume all other variables to be identical: CPM, dayparting, networks used, etc.)

You build your post report and the engagement rates with the unit, based on targeting, are:

1. 7.2%

2. 6.9%

3. 7.0%

What is the takeaway? No segment performed better… kinda boring

While you know the targeting was good, the client will say: “If no targeting works best, why did we pay big bucks & even bother targeting?”

And, you know what, you can’t prove your point, therefore, even if you are right… you are wrong.

now backtrack for a second, and get your client to agree into spending 0.2%  (or whatever) of the budget into “null targeting”. Just buy ROS… then you get a no targeting benchmark of, let’s say, 4.6% engagement rate.

So now you know, and can prove, that your targeted plan was actually roughly 50% (7% vs 4.6% engagement rate) better than a generic buy.

Did any targeting stand out from one another? no… but at least the client know and you know that overall, your targeting was efficient.

Food for thoughts

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