Thoughts about media in Canada

Case Study: Fidelity Investments and MPG / Media Contacts

Fidelity Investments is mutual fund and financial services group that mostly targets financial advisors. Having already conducted surveys, focus groups and market studies, Fidelity was under the impression that it had brought together all the required elements to ensure effective media campaigns. Nevertheless, results were not always up to expectations. We supposed this was due to the media consumer profile drawn up during research by their clients not being accurate. The goal of research was thus to compare their claims with real behaviour on the Web.

We opted for an approach using an online survey aimed at financial advisors. The survey collected information on digital media habits, and the use, perception, state of mind and reasons for use of mobile devices and social media, both personal and professional.

The particular answers to each question were then cross-referenced to online media campaign data via Artemis, our proprietary data platform. In other words, we compared the answers given by each subject to their own personal web habits. This allowed us to determine if what subjects claimed matched their actual behaviour. From there, we were able to estimate and to weight the other answers to the survey.

The strategy then dictated that we submit all traditional media campaign data to Artemis in order to discern trends by market and by period, and to compare with results of the study with a view to determining if traditional media campaigns were relevant to subjects’ actual habits.

We were finally able to determine Fidelity customers’ actual behaviour and segment the customer base according to distinct media use habits. A more effective media plan was thus developed and recommendations made regarding the best way of communicating with Fidelity customers.

This type of study – a first for Canada – opens the way for an overhaul of how media campaigns are planned and optimized. We are currently working on implementing of this type of research for all our clients at the international level.

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