Thoughts about media in Canada

Case Study: Gardasil (Merck)

Although it has been a part of the media landscape for many years, online video is still in its infancy in regard to the measure of its effectiveness. Just a few months ago, the evaluation of campaigns was based mostly on very scanty reports prepared by suppliers with only the number of impressions and clicks. Now that a growing portion of advertising budgets is allocated to online video, it became vital to refine measuring techniques as well as optimize the targeting of impressions.

To better reach men 18 to 26 interested in Gardasil and avoid wasting impressions, we used four different types of targeting deployed among approximately 10 suppliers.Each placement was given one or several tags using the totality of pixels required to measure it.

In order to compare the real impact of each supplier with the target, each placement was measured using a pixel from the ComScore panel. Each placement was assigned a unique URL that allowed us to determine the quality of clicks through WebTrends by measuring the time spent on the site, the number of pages viewed, and use of clickstream data.

Furthermore, we used the services of Vindico, the largest video server available in the United States. This team worked in collaboration with suppliers to bring videos up to VAST/VPAID standards. In this way, it became possible to add an additional measure, i.e. the percentage of videos watched to the end.
Artemis, our proprietary data platform, captured all this information and thus allowed us, in real time, to find out:

  • which suppliers did not respect impression delivery parameters;
  • the consumer journey of a user searching for Gardasil on the Web, visiting the website, and adopting a specific behaviour according to the type of video targeting;
  • which placements had the greatest impact on search engines and which words were used for searching.

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