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Pop Quiz: Explain the Correlation

Hi everyone,

There is a TV + Web Banners campaign running. We are tracking On Site Conversions with a Floodlight Tag. We are able to attribute the Conversions to one or more Banner Exposure via cookies (Associated Activity). We also are able to see which Conversions aren’t attributed to a Banner Exposure (no cookies detected) (Unassociated Activities)

The correlation between Unassociated vs Associated is almost perfect.

Anyone want to try explaining this correlation? Please comment this post if you want to give it a shot

I’ll come edit this post next week with my own hypotheses

Have fun!



Edit: So here’s what I think are the possible explanations to this

#1: People delete their cookies and pretty much all unassociated activities actually are associated to one or more banner exposure

#2: TV actually drives most of the on site conversions and banners are just accidentally seen in the process

#3: A mix of both

Now to test and figure out which answer is right…

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