Thoughts about media in Canada

Case Study: Splatalot (Danone)

Business Challenge

Danone recently launched a new kid yogurt product, Coolision. The concept was two different flavours of yogurt that collide in your mouth.

  1. Launching a new product (Coolision) within the Tween Yogurt Segment, when Yoplait Tubes had 100% monopoly until 6 months prior.
  2. 6 months prior, Danone launched Crush. Not only did we have to compete with Tubes but we also had to differentiate from the sister brand.
  3. Overall the kid yogurt segment had an 11% decline in growth.  Consumers were leaving the segment, seeing “kid” yogurt as irrelevant.

Insights and Strategy (the brilliant idea; the niche to fill)

Our insights to the Tween target demographic were:

  1. Our consumers need to be independent, have control
  3. They are concerned about the “Cool Factor”
  4. They want to be connected to Friends at all time

Our KCT “Key Communication Thought” searched for moments to be cool and connect.

The media strategy was to quickly build a connection with Tweens and increase their desire to pester their parents to purchase the product. Other competitors had one chamber and one flavour, while our product delivered on the need for cool, different and fun with the dual chamber of opposing flavours. All media environments had to deliver on the KCT while showcasing the differentiation of the product.

Innovative Media Execution

In order to get around the international regulations, content creation within the Canadian broadcast of the Splat-o-lot show (excluding Quebec) was the perfect opportunity for Coolision. This was a joint partnership between MPG and YTV.

Elements included:

–        A 30-second branded sequence at the opening of the show which featured “Splat-o-lot Presented by Coolision” and differentiated Danone’s tube yogurt from its recently launched ‘Crush’

–        30-seconds of in-show branding per episode that featured “The Best Coolisions of the Day” – these were wrapped with branded graphics and showed the highlights of the best splats and collisions of the episode

–        Sponsor of the highlight shaker- where kids were able to create their own videos of their favourite splats and segments from never-before-seen content of the show, with a :05 pre-roll before every finished video virally sent out

–        Advertising on YTV’s Twitter and Facebook pages – the FIRST brand to do ever do so with YTV


Splat-o-lot became YTV’s top new kid show and was the perfect way to deliver the Coolision brand as cool.  The fun factor was paramount and kids were able to spread the Coolision name by sharing personally created branded content with their peers virally.

This campaign won the following awards:

● Silver for Brand Integration at Atomic Awards 2011
● Silver for Best in Television at Media Innovation Awards 2011
● Silver for Best Use of Content Integration & Branded Content at Media Innovation Awards 2011

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