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Pro-bono work with the Red Door Shelter

As of March 1st of this year Media Contacts and Euro began a campaign that we are very proud of for Red Door Shelter as part of our charity work.

The links below are of the commercial produced and converted to In Banner Videos for TV and Online by Euro:

We have joined forces with this charity because, not only does it feel great to give back, but the issues this organization deals with touches us all in one way or another.

We were able to acquire 4,213,700 impressions from 18 different Sites and Networks including Say Media, Suite66, Post Media, Redux Media, Tribal Fusion & Rogers just to name a few.

To date we have delivered over 3.7 Million of the impressions with 4,034 clicks achieved to the site averaging a CTR of 0.11%!

We would like to thank the dedicated group of individuals here from Euro, MPG and Media Contacts as well as the great partnerships of our ever supportive friends at Code Film, School Editing, Wanted Sound & Picture, Alter Ego, Powerhouse Casting and ACTRA.

Here at the agency we are specifically proud of the work that Rick Kang, Sanna Kula, Jamie Spears, Stephanie Bowen, Marguerite Wallace, Tianne Rodrigues, Amy Leung, Henry Caleon, Michelle Taylor and Laura Fox have all helped to create, produce and broadcast on behalf of Red Door Shelter and families in need.

It is with their amazing support that we were able to deliver for Red Door Shelter.

Red Door Family Shelter Toronto is a dedicated group of volunteers who provide safe shelter and supportive emergency housing to individuals and families in need of refuge from domestic violence and to those who find themselves without a place to live. Red Door Family Shelter is able to help residents establish a stable life outside the shelter through education, counselling, community services and advocacy on their behalf.

Their mission is simple: Respond to those in need. Provide compassionate care. Uphold human rights and dignity.

Red Door successfully does this every single day throughout the year, with the help of charitable donations.

If you wish to learn more about Red Door Family Shelter or to DONATE please visit.

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