Thoughts about media in Canada

Perfection is not what you think

I have to rant about something. It’s been bugging me since I started in this industry. Whenever I hear someone wanting “the perfect plan” or wanting to copy paste last year’s “winning formula” or be incredibly blindsided in thinking he/she discovered the most epic property ever, which just works wonders and is going to bring him/her, the company and the client fame & fortune.

I’ll illustrate my point of view. Imagine that all little squares below represent an advertising campaign. The blue square is “perfect”. It generates the most fantastic results ever.


This campaign wins 2712 awards, generates $1,000,000 profit per $1 invested and can be replicated for any type of client, any market, any season.

It. Is. Perfect.

Obviously, everyone (except me and a few others) want to replicate the perfect campaign. Who do you think will stand out of the clutter and will generate the best results?


My point of view: Perfection is not in the finality, it’s not in the “plan”

“Perfection” is in the path, the insight, the idea that led to the “perfect” results.

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