Thoughts about media in Canada

Overlooked (digital) media planning metrics

Hello fellow readers,

Ever had a network on your plan that looked very promising but failed miserably to deliver results?

It looked good on paper… High Reach, Strong composition index, both for Unique Visitors and Unique Page Viewed, and was relevant to your product/service, right?

It might be because of clutter and ad position on the page… granted, but these aren’t always easy to estimate when planning

But the measures below, obtainable in about 20 seconds from Comscore, can help you greatly

Average minutes per usage day (good luck building brand awareness and message understanding if people stay on the site/page 3 seconds on average.)

Average pages per usage day (hard to build engagement if people only look at one page a day)

Average visits per visitors (good luck building frequency and top of mind if people visit the site once a month)



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