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Contests on social networks

I know that there are a bunch of legal limitations to contests, but still, I don’t understand why almost no one implements incentives to share.

“Secondary prize for people that share on their wall!”

If there aren’t any, I’m not going to spread the news because I want the odds to ever be in my favor. And then the company hosting the contest doesn’t get more fans/traction.

What’s the point?


  1. Most craft companies / very small, 1-person businesses know & use this to grow their fan-base. They give +1 chance of winning to those who share, +1 for each new fan from an already-fan.

    Big business should use this.

    Big business should also respect Facebook’s contest rules but that’s an entire different post.

  2. Marc-Olivier Thibault

    Agreed about the +1 per share (if it is legal that is. That I don’t know).

    I’m a bit wary about a +1 per new fan model though (because then your contest becomes a popularity contest, leading to a fan base & contest winners that mostly are contest hogs.) And even if it is not the case, it represents a high risk of being perceived as such by your consumer, which is usually a place where you don’t want to go as a brand.

    As for your point about big businesses not respecting the rules. Yes, I noticed that as well. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, Facebook is more concerned about monetizing their network rather than reinforcing their rules, so it’s not going to change anytime soon. Ironically, I think this is one of the many faces of one main factor driving poor Facebook performance from a monetizing standpoint: Credibility.

    Concerns about privacy, shady business practices, breaking things that used to work, deletion of posts that criticize them, low control on spam, data blackbox, poor policing… all driving credibility down. The results from the stock market speak for themselves. Stock market is all about speculation. Speculation is all about trust. Trust is all about credibility. Facebook =/= credibility.

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