Thoughts about media in Canada

KPIs are not everything

Here’s a totally non media related example that represents very well my opinion regarding KPIs: Be careful what you wish for…

Woman fakes abduction to take a day off and get some attention (Click here to read the story)

Clearly, this woman achieved both her objective/KPIs. She did get a day off & she did get attention. But attaining her goals doesn’t mean she performed well and that her performance won’t be disastrous on her career.

Same thing for media.

KPIs should come from a well thought Strategy, they should not dictate the strategy.

If your strategy is to achieve oh so many clicks or site visits for your brand, I can generate this for you, but they can be very bad clicks and visits that will actually hurt your brand. You obviously don’t want that.

While if the strategy, planning, tactics, etc. are very well thought and THEN you implement KPIs to see what worked best, what needs to be tweaked, etc.

Then you are onto something.

Sounds basic, but we all sometimes fall into this trap of thinking of a KPI and start building around it. Very very dangerous idea. It may work. Chances are, it won’t.

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