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Attribution Modeling – How to


One of our own published a great article if I say so myself. You’ll understand why if you read a few of my posts, including Comparing apples to apples.

Here are a few quotes from the article:

Standard online media performance measurement assumes that if someone converts in some way on a brand’s website, then the last piece of online advertising served to them must have been what drove the conversion.

Fixed attribution models, while they do look at more than just the last piece of activity served, tell the same lie in a slightly different way by assuming the effect of any channel/placement/keyword to be uniformly based on its position in a customer’s purchase journey.


Using a bespoke algorithm we are able to compare the journeys of users who convert with those of people who don’t. This means we are able to identify and assign credit to the sites/placements/keywords that are more likely to appear in user journeys that end in a conversion than they are to appear in journeys that don’t.

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