Thoughts about media in Canada

A New Year, A Simplified Brand


We are living in exciting times and because we were the last of the big, global media agency networks to be formed, we see ourselves as a challenger brand. We understand the need to do things differently and to be more innovative in how we operate. In many respects this is our greatest advantage in what many refer to as an “always on” world where communications solutions are evolving so quickly.

And so, we have made a significant change to our branding. In line with the integration of digital and media, our operations with MPG and Media Contacts have always been integrated. However the time has come to simplify our brand under the clearer, cleaner and more contemporary Havas Media brand. This allows us to be globally consistent as Havas Media, a brand that already thrives in several markets. It also demonstrates our long-running commitment to the integration of industry-leading digital expertise at the core of all that we do.

In line with this, as of January 24th the MPG and Media Contacts brands will be replaced by Havas Media. All of the other digital brands within the Group (Mobext) will retain their identities as part of Havas Media.

It’s an exciting time for us and our industry, and this simplification of our team structure and branding, with a focus on digital at our core, presents us with an extraordinary opportunity for our teams to build relationships as the most agile, responsive and integrated brands in the market.

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