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Digital media planning tip: Audit it!

Media Planning

Hey, long time no blog, sorry. Just felt like giving the industry one of our little trick. Audit your buys.


Out of geo. Frequency cap not respected. Less than 40% of impressions actually seen. 500 clicks from the same IP. Questionable content. Disrespect of the black/white list, out of demo…

A quick example. We’re buying F25-54 for a video campaign. They represent 24% of the internet population and 20% of all video views. So when I ask RTB shops to target them, I’m hoping 20% efficiency without even trying, even before paying a premium for that demo.

Spot check after a few weeks of campaign, a network delivers 8.7% in target.

Wait what?

Reality is: web is a jungle. If you don’t audit, you open the door for forgetfulness, mistakes or simply shady practices.

I’m not going to go into details of how or who you should audit, or why you won’t necessarily easily get 20%+ of F25-54 when asking for it, but I’ll help with when to audit: Estimate the amount of wrong impressions you can right with an audit. Compare it to the % of the media cost dedicated to auditing. If % of audit cost is significantly less than % of improvement from auditing, you have your answer.


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