Thoughts about media in Canada


Kevin Johnson, previously holding the position of SVP, General Manager at Havas Media Toronto parts with the Toronto office. Havas Media thanks Kevin for his tremendous service over the last 5 years and wishes all the best to Kevin in his new endeavors.

Tom Olesinski, CEO of Havas Media Canada continues to have tremendous faith in the team and the momentum that’s already been built in the last 6 months with the retention of two key accounts and several new wins. He’s now looking at the structure overall with a vision for an integrated and national team. Tom has already made a few notable changes to strengthen the Havas offer in Canada. He’s propping up an impressive national leadership team that is both seasoned and digital at the core.

Isabel Gingras, a seasoned 20 year veteran in media will now extend her scope to SVP, Head of client services nationally in Canada. Isabel brings forward a reputation of unparalleled passion for new ideas, challenging the status quo, and getting it right for clients.

Azadeh Mahinpou, a change agent for Havas Media and clients for the past 5 years, was promoted to VP a year ago bringing over 12 years experience in digital creative, media and technology. Moving forward, she pursues her passion for inspiring creative and integrated thinking; she will be adding the role of Innovation & Product development to her existing responsibilities as national VP of Havas Media.

Hannah Savage, currently GAD, Head of Strategy is a digital media wizard with an uncompromising will to weave killer strategies for clients looking to do things differently. She will be looking to shed her role as GAD and assume a full-time role as National Head of Strategy and join the executive team.

Recent organic growth  has led to a few intriguing opportunities for the right fit. Havas Media is seeking to hire for a Group Account Director in Toronto to report to Isabel Gingras. In addition, the role for a national Analytics Director has recently opened up and will report to Azadeh Mahinpou. If interested, all inquiries can be directed to either one of the following executive team members or HR.

  • Tom Olesinski – CEO –
  • Isabel Gingras – Senior Vice President, Client Services –
  • Azadeh Mahinpou – Vice President, Innovation & Product development –
  • Rose Palombi – Human Resources –



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