The Collaborative

The Collaborative Alliance is a speaker series designed to bring the media industry together to discuss issues, trends, new technologies and new ideas, in a non-exclusive, non-competitive environment.

This forum provides media professionals and advertisers in attendance the opportunity to make sure they ‘Get it Right‘, so that the applications developed meet the needs of marketers as they seek the best possible platform for their messaging and consumer engagement.

In exchange, the idea is that those who attend the forum contribute feedback and brainpower to the discussion.

The aim of The Collaborative Alliance series is to help navigate the future of the Consumer/Advertiser relationship within the exponentially evolving media landscape.


                                                      Our next Collaborative Alliance event is scheduled for  June 19, 2013.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @HavasMediaCAN and engage in the conversation #CollabTO


Our next Collaborative Alliance event is scheduled for February 27, 2013.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to havasmediacan.newsletter (at)


MPG MC held their last Collaborative Alliance event on October 3, 2012. The series of speakers included:

Emily Taylor, Research & Insights Manager, Microsoft Advertising, discussed the results of their latest study on The Consumer Journey: Auto Buyers.

Access their website here: Microsoft Advertising Canada
Read the study here: Auto Buyers White Paper

Leah Sparks, Global Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn, talked about the impact of Social Media and how LinkedIn contributes as a leader in this landscape in the corporate world.

View the presentation: LinkedIn & the Social Media Space

Dave Stevens, General Manager, eChannel, Canada Post Digital, discussed the companies changing business model and how it can create higher ROI for their clients.

View the presentation: Changing the Business Model: Enabling a Digital Canada

David Hopkinson, SVP, Business Partnerships, Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment, lead a discussion on sports integration and the influence sports has to build affinity and loyalty to brands.


MPG MC held a Collaborative Alliance event on June 27, 2012. The series of speakers included:

Wilf Dinnick, CEO of, spoke about the changing models of news content and online engagement.

Watch a 60-sec video explaining OpenFile:
Download a copy of the presentation: OpenFile_Presentation
Connect and learn more about OpenFile: 

John Cruickshank, publisher of The Toronto Star and president of Star Media Group, spoke about the challenges facing daily newspapers today, and what publishers are doing to adjust, maintain and grow audiences in the digital news age.

Marlon Rodrigues, director of marketing at Polar Mobile, discussed how traditional media organizations can survive and thrive by making use of connected devices and digital tools/techniques to return value to their organizations.

Read up on the latest insights on Polar Mobile’s blog:
Download a copy of the presentation: PolarMobile_Presentation

Ali Rana, group SVP and head scientist at Dynamic Logic, discussed insights from FanIndex and highlighted the engagement formula, as well as reviewed best and worst practices from Facebook pages.

Download a copy of the presentation: DynamicLogic_Presentation
Learn more about FanIndex:
Other data, courtesy of Millward Brown: Value of a Fan
Other Facebook insights, courtesy of Millward Brown:
Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages
Advertising on Facebook is Effective


MPG Media Contacts held a Collaborative Alliance event on February 29, 2012. The series of speakers included:

Asif Khan, president of the Location Based Marketing Association, provided a brief definition of location-based marketing, leading to a discussion on the power of narrowcasting and one-to-one customer engagement.

To learn more about this presentation you can reach Asif directly at:

You  can also find him on his weekly video podcast, “This Week in Location Based Marketing”, airing Monday mornings at:

Graeme Mackrell, director of Digital Media, Shaw Media, discussed the challenge for broadcasters to create a superior television-watching environment, that pushes viewers to congregate around branded and curated content, immersing the consumer in a one-to-one experience.

Download the presentation: ShawMedia_PresentationFinal

Emily Taylor, Research and Insights manager, Microsoft Advertising, presented their recently released study that looks at how shopper behaviour has changed, specifically with how shoppers approach purchase decisions and the media that influences these purchases.

You can learn more about this study and others at:

Amy du Pon, SVP director of Strategic Planning, Havas Media, discussed their recently launched and innovative “Meaningful Brands” study, a global index and analysis that offers a better understanding of how to measure and build brand value in the context of today’s demanding environment.

You can learn more about Meaningful Brands at: 

Download  the PDF: MB11_ExecutiveSummary2012

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